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Wetherby Services shower scandal continues

  • 15 August 2012
  • By Chris Tindall

The operator of Wetherby Services in Yorkshire says it is allowing drivers to use its shower facilities for a £5 fee after excrement was found smeared on the walls.

Moto Hospitality came under criticism from truckers when it banned them from using its washing facilities, unless they paid £19 for an overnight stay as well.

It says it was forced into the decision after the “disgusting behaviour of a minority of drivers”.

But a spokesman says one of the four showers is now available to customers at a charge of £5.

He adds: “The remaining three have also been made available to any truck driver who purchases fuel that day and produces a receipt as well as to anyone who pays for overnight parking.”

But not all drivers are impressed by the change in policy:”They have levied the fee and people can pay that if they want to, but I wouldn’t; £5 is too much,” says Paul Dakers.

“I’m in Chester Services now and had a shower for free. It’s £2 at Penrith and if you stay overnight you get it refunded.”


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