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Shetland takes ‘ferry spec’ trailers

Shetland Transport has taken delivery of a batch of temperature-controlled Gray Adams “ferry spec” trailers, designed to increase rigidity and protect them from damage on ferry voyages across the North Sea.

Every day up to a dozen of its trailers make the 12-hour, overnight crossing to and from Aberdeen, or between the Orkneys and the mainland.

Founder and managing director Hamish Balfour, said: “When the sea’s up the gravitational forces can be immense… Plus, of course, lateral forces will also be acting on the trailer throughout the voyage.”

”Twenty years ago our trailers were disintegrating because they couldn’t take the pressure. But the various strengthening measures that Gray Adams builds into its ferry specification trailers mean we no longer have to worry. We’ve worked closely with the manufacturer as it has refined the design over the years.”

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