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MINI PAK’R packaging machine ‘saves companies time and space for the essentials’

Packaging Labelling Equipment

Machines and equipment that forms, fills, seals, scans, marks or labels packages at different levels of automation.

MINI PAK’R packaging machine ‘saves companies time and space for the essentials’

July 25, 2012  

The compact MINI PAK’R packaging machine from FP International has impressed users by making packaging faster, easier and cheaper and requiring the smallest amount of space.

The mobile MINI PAK’R packaging machine produces air cushions exactly where and when they are required and is said to provide optimum protection for a versatile range of products from sensitive electronics to high-value cosmetics. As the MINI PAK’R machine and air cushions require minimal space, areas previously utilised for storing packaging materials can now be used more efficiently e.g. for producing goods.

“Companies in the e-commerce sector and retail trade are constantly working on optimising their processes. This is exactly where the MINI PAK’R comes in. It is a real asset for companies that use air cushions to protect their goods during dispatch or transport. Thanks to optimised working processes, the MINI PAK’R helps companies to be even more successful and grow with their business”, says Jeroen Pluijmen, Product Manager at FP International.




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