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Going the extra mile: Further practical safety training for Gist’s drivers

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Going the extra mile: Further practical safety training for Gist’s drivers

July 18, 2012  

Although safety training for Gist drivers is a standard part of the job, more than 200 of Gist’s driver have now taken part in a ‘hands on’ practical advanced driver training for qualified truck drivers that focuses on preventing rollovers and jack-knifing.

Provided by International Road Safety Training Ltd, the programme demonstrates the importance of correct emergency braking techniques. For many drivers, this is the first opportunity they have had to carry out emergency braking with a fully-loaded vehicle.

As part of the training, drivers are taken to and beyond the point of a roll-over enabling drivers to experience the effects vehicle safety systems, the sensation this produces on the road and how the system operates.

Gist vehicles and trailers have been fitted with Electronic Roll Stability Systems in addition to the ABS/ EBS braking systems offered as standard on today’s vehicles.

This training and vehicle specification forms part of a wider road risk management system which includes driver risk profiles, load plans for optimum loading and weight distribution, route risk assessments and delivery point risk assessments.

Martin Gwynn, Chief Executive, Gist, said: “Safety is paramount to our business. We have thousands of drivers on the road, 24 hours a day and it is vital that we provide the right training and environment for our people to be safe at all times.”



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