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CFS has invested in a new Durapac KBM Styropactor

In 2008 Cranleigh Freight Services Ltd (CFS) implemented an environmentally friendly initiative investing in two mill size balers for plastic and cardboard waste, generated by both the CFS commercial customers and the DHD Direct Home delivery operation.

Along with the plastic and cardboard, large volumes of waste polystyrene were generated from the furniture packaging and the challenge was to find a viable and environmentally friendly waste stream for the polystyrene.

In conjunction with Compact and Bale, CFS has invested in a new Durapac KBM Styropactor. The Styropactor crushes and compacts the EPS packaging by 20 – 30 times, producing EPS ‘bricks’, that can then be stacked on a pallet for easy onward transport to the recycler. The Durapac KBM Styropactor is made of a non-corrosive material and is mobile, moving around the operation as required.

Becky Young, Sales and Marketing Manager CFS said. “Our Environmental Sustainability policy promotes the continued review of methods that reduce the need for conventional waste disposal. The Styropactor offers us an efficient disposal channel for our EPS waste and is a great addition to our waste management equipment.”

“We have already seen the impact of the Styropactor, by the reduction in general waste and we estimate that the landfill waste generated by both CFS and DHD operations, will soon be under 10%, which is a great achievement.

Furthermore, our re-cycling channels are extended to both our clients (via E-Collect solution) and to our DHD network whom return recyclables to our HQ and we continue to work towards a zero landfill operation”

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