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CESAB delivers results at Foulger

Norfolk-based warehousing and haulage specialist Foulger Transport has taken delivery of 11 CESAB gas and electric forklifts from exclusive CESAB dealership Babbis.

Foulger, which provides haulage services across East Anglia, the UK and internationally, signed the deal after a positive response by its forklift operators to a trial of the CESAB trucks at its Snetterton site.

With 100 trucks on the road delivering seven days a week and 20% of warehouse capacity turned over on a weekly basis, Foulger Transport’s forklift operators need to handle products quickly and effectively.

Group operations manager Simon Lee: “We can’t afford a breakdown. Every truck has to work for up to six days a week and be strong to cope with the volume and intensity of work.”

Eleven CESAB trucks now in use include three from the B200 range, including the CESAB B316, a compact 48 volt electric truck which can manoeuvre easily in narrow aisles and around tight corners, making it ideal for warehouses. Five CESAB M325s and a CESAB M318 are used for loading and unloading operations, offering rigid steel side panels and strong bodywork to protect the operator and truck.

To suit Foulger’s specific needs, CESAB dealership Babbis arranged for a CESAB gas truck to be fitted with a paper clamp for large rolls of industrial printing paper. This is a ‘quick fit’ attachment which operators can attach or remove easily as needed.

Two CESAB R314 reach trucks are used at the warehouses. Their impressive features include an advanced control system that ensures fast, smooth transition from free lift to main lift without slow down.

Babbis director Damon Kent: “Because CESAB products are made in Europe using TPS*, one of the world’s best manufacturing systems, we were confident they would bring even greater efficiencies to Foulger’s operations.”

Simon Lee: “When it comes to service we’ve been delighted with Babbis. Reliability and quick response is key and they deliver this. Once our drivers had adapted to a different dashboard and a more modern product they soon realised the clear benefits of CESAB.”

*Toyota Production System

CESAB Material Handling UK

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