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Increased productivity for wrapping with air cushions

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Increased productivity for wrapping with air cushions

June 26, 2012  

AIRplus Bubble by Storopack is an on demand protective air cushion packaging used for the wrapping of products. As an alternative to off-the-shelf bubble wrap, the on-demand system cuts costs for storage and handling. Manufactured on compact machines, AIRplus Bubble is set up as an individually integrated and productive protective packaging solution. In keeping with Storopack’s “Working Comfort” concept, the packaging material includes a convenient smart-tear-off perforation for ergonomics and speed. This allows the packer to divide the cushioning wrap intuitively without searching for the perforation.

As the first air cushion system of its kind, AIRplus Bubble offers narrow individual sections for the efficient wrapping of small-sized items. From mobile phones to pharmaceutical packaging, the appropriately sized packing material prevents waste of protective packaging. A single section contains two rows with seven round air chambers each.

Compared to conventional bubble wrap, AIRplus Bubble also offers advantages for the recipient. With one cut, the air escapes leaving only a small amount of film for disposal.

As a supplier with its own development and production, Storopack has equipped the new air cushion product with a design advantage: the air chamber layout ensures maximum use of the wrap. AIRplus Bubble is available in Storopack’s proven three-layer CX film quality ensuring optimum product protection for users.



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