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Charity raises concerns over driver arrests

  • 27 June 2012
  • By Chris Tindall

A truckers charity has raised concerns that drivers are being automatically arrested following road accidents and before evidence is gathered.

The Professional Drivers Foundation (PDF) says HGV drivers would be willing to assist in enquiries, but that immediately arresting them is often unnecessary and sends out the wrong message.

However, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) denies it occurs and has told the PDF the practice is unlawful.

In a letter to PDF trustee Pat Nicholson, ACPO inspector staff officer Paul Taylor says: “Arresting drivers involved in serious/fatal collisions irrespective of whether there is any suspicion or real suspicion that they may have committed an offence has certainly not become the ‘norm’, it simply doesn’t happen.”

But a former police inspector describes tells it is a “huge grey area”

“I don’t have huge misgivings,” he says. “But I have thought ‘I wonder if this is really necessary? Do we really need to go down this path?’I suspect over the years it’s become a bit of a norm.”


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