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Delivery companies act as a reflection of nearly half of British SMEs

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Delivery companies act as a reflection of nearly half of British SMEs

June 26, 2012  

Small businesses in Britain who deliver goods see their delivery company as a reflection of their own brand, a survey has revealed.
Nearly half (49%) of all senior decision makers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) surveyed who deliver goods feel that the delivery company they use is a reflection of their company brand.

The research was carried out by YouGov having been commissioned by express parcel carrier City Link, who wished to gain a greater understanding into the relationship between SMEs and their delivery partners.
Tim Brown, Sales Marketing Director, City Link, said: “For many smaller British firms, the employees of the delivery partner can often be the only personnel that their clients will come into contact with face to face. It is imperative then that City Link presents itself in a way that enhances the reputation of our customers.
“We also know that delivering on time is a vital element of this customer journey, and we are proud of our 98.5 per cent record.”
The research also showed that less than one in ten (8%) British SMEs felt that there was a very good dedicated SME offering by delivery companies; City Link believes it can address those concerns and boost the confidence of small businesses when it comes to choosing their delivery partner.
Tim Brown added: “Small and medium businesses will have very different delivery needs compared to their bigger industry colleagues. One size does not fit all when it comes to delivering on the demands of these companies and this is why we will launch a dedicated SME offering.
“City Link prides itself upon its efficiency; we are also proud to be flexible in the services we offer and in the customer demands that we meet.”
Of those polled in the recent survey, the majority (81%) stated that the reliability of their delivery partner was important to their company.
Competitive pricing (77%) was also a major factor for SME bosses, closely followed by good geographic coverage (60%) and the transparency of operation (e.g. ability to track parcels) (53%). SME owners and managers were not won over by loyalty programmes run by their delivery partners, with only four per cent stating that this was important.
City Link offers a wide range of flexible, secure services such as next day and same day delivery; timed services; international services; and Post.



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