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Fuel additive Aquasolve can dissolve water in diesel tanks

  • 15 November 2012
  • By David Wilcox

A fuel additive supplier is turning its attention to truck operators grappling with the problem of water and bacterial growth in bulk diesel storage tanks.

The product, Aquasolve, was first marketed in the early 1990s but disappeared as a result of theft of the inventors’ intellectual property, which led to criminal proceedings. Four years ago Aquasolve’s co-inventor Peter Street resumed his marketing efforts, focusing first on marine applications where the issue of water in diesel is prevalent.

Now Earlsfield, south west London-based Coval Aquasolve is launching the product in the truck industry.

Mixed in diesel storage tanks in a ratio of 1:1,000, Aquasolve is claimed to dissolve water lying at the bottom of the tank into the fuel. Unlike earlier attempts to mix the two liquids, where the water soon separates out again, Aquasolve is claimed to produce a stable result, resistant to subsequent separation. Street says it does this by using “powerful surfactants that break down the surface tension of the liquids, allowing them to bind together at the molecular level.” So close is the bond, that conventional testing fails to reveal the presence of water, so fuel remains within the tolerance of the diesel standard, BS EN590.

Eliminating water in the tank removes the interface between water and fuel that is the breeding ground for bacterial growth commonly called the ‘diesel bug’ and responsible for blocked fuel-filters and damage to fuel pumps and injector nozzles. Aquasolve is claimed to digest existing bacteria as well as preventing their return.

“The increasing biodiesel content in fuel means that water and diesel bug are serious issues these days,” said Coval Aqualsolve’s sales and marketing director Geoff Willett.

As well as keeping diesel free of water and bacteria Aquasolve is also reckoned to have a fuel efficiency spin-off. Street plans to commission more independent testing to evaluate this. Aquasolve costs £20-£25/litre, depending on the quantity bought.


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