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Tachograph changes on the cards

  • 09 May 2012
  • By Justin Stanton

A new White Paper has been published (April 2012) that brings together, in one document, all the significant points operators need to know about the changes currently being proposed for a new ‘smart’ tachograph. If the proposals are agreed by the European Commission (EC), they would come into force 2017/2018.

Titled ‘Change is on the Cards’, the document also features the views of the Department for Transport and those of other experts that Tachodisc and Motor Transport invited to a roundtable debate on the subject in October 2011. It also explains the proposals, the issues and any national or European amendments that have so far been made.

Karen Crispe, MD of Tachodisc outlines the rationale behind the EC proposals: “Tachographs are fitted to some six million trucks and buses throughout the European Community, and the EC says that although substantial savings have been made by moving to digital tachographs, the cost of compliance to the industry is €2.7bn, which is far too high. In addition, it calculates that 45,000 trucks are in breach of tachograph rules at any one time across the EU.

“As a result, tachograph legislation is being revisited in order to ensure that it reflects the technological possibilities of digital tachographs now and in the future; that it cuts the cost of compliance and enforcement; and that it helps to achieve enforcement targets of twice as many infringements caught at the roadside and the total elimination of the most serious infringements by 2020. The general term of reference for the proposed equipment is ‘Smart Tachograph’.

“The EC is proposing substantial changes to the law in order to minimise tampering, explore the possibility of new functionality and to make it easier for enforcement officers and road transport operators to get more valuable information from the tachograph with less difficulty or cost.”

Tachodisc has written and published the White Paper in conjunction with Motor Transport in order to provide an informed and unbiased overview of the changes being proposed – and dispel any myths with regards the new ‘Smart Tachograph’.

To download a free copy of the White Paper, ‘Change is on the Cards’, please visit

  • Karen Crispe is the managing director of Tachodisc. For further information, contact Tachodisc
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