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CV Show 2012: Healthy tyres cut fuel costs

  • 25 April 2012
  • By Hayley Pink

Bridgestone UK research has revealed that 20% of vehicle tyres are under-inflated.

Furthermore, the effect of this on fuel consumption across a fleet of 300 trucks could cost an operator up to £220,000 a year.

Bridgestone is using a series of free seminars at the show to provide a brief training session on the importance of tyre husbandry. It also shows fuel savings that can be achieved from a properly maintained tyre.

The manufacturer says between 20% and 50% of fuel consumption on a vehicle is caused by rolling resistance, with the trailer axle offering the biggest potential for savings, making it imperative that technicians main-taining tyres understand the best ways to optimise tyre performance, and that the tyres selected for a fleet embrace the latest technology.

The manufacturer says rubber technology has improved rolling resistance dramatically in the past few years, with Bridgestone’s NanoPro-Tech compound reducing energy loss in tyre tread during rotation, which means less heat is generated and less rolling resistance created. A 10% reduction in rolling resistance can lead to a 2% improvement in a truck’s fuel efficiency.

The length of a tyre’s lifecycle is also fundamental in driving down fuel costs, as a 30% worn tread depth provides 7% lower rolling resistance compared with a new tyre. However, an 80% worn tread will provide 22% less rolling resistance.

Booking is needed for the seminars at Bridgestone’s stand (3B40). Booking is required.


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