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Tachos become more Exakt

  • 23 April 2012
  • By Steve Hobson

One of the leading manufacturers of digital tachographs, Stoneridge (stand 3D52) has unveiled the SE5000 Exakt Duo, its new product designed to comply with the latest changes to tacho regulations that come into force on 1 October.

All new tachos fitted after then must be able to pick up a second source of motion, independent of the usual speed reading, to reduce fiddling with magnets or other illegal devices. Stoneridge was vague on what this second source of motion might be but will be offering a complete solution by October.

The new SE5000 also gives a real-time visual readout of how much driving time a driver has left and how long his next break needs to be to comply with the legislation. When on a break, it shows the time left before the driver can resume driving and how long the next driving period can be.

Stoneridge is also launching a new remote download device – the DigiDL – that mounts behind the dash and connects to the rear of a digital tachograph. It automatically downloads driving data by GPRS, making it ideal for vehicles spending long periods away from base. The company says it has had lots of interest from domestic operators who like the convenience of remote and automatic downloads.

Digitach manufacturer Continental Automotive (stand 3E31) will announce its new model in July. It is unveiling its new range of download keys, the DLK Pro, at the show. The DLK Pro features an easy-to-read touchscreen, reminders when it is time to download the vehicle unit or driver card data, and a built-in card reader. The reader can store up to 6,000 quarterly downloads, and data can be transferred to a PC for later analysis or saved to an SD card.

It also gives a visual and audible indication when the download is complete.

One version, the DKL Pro Inspectionkey also gives an immediate alert of any irregularities in the records such as a discrepancy between the two speed readings lasting more than one minute.


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