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New Actros breaks cover

  • 23 April 2012
  • By admin

A highlight of the show is the first UK appearance of the Euro-6 Mercedes-Benz Actros.

While other manufacturers, including MAN, are keeping their Euro-6 powder dry, Mercedes-Benz has taken the view that giving operators an early look at the new ultra-low emissions technology that will become the norm from 2014 is the best way to reassure buyers that the future isn’t so scary after all.

The new Actros has cost more than €1bn to develop, plus another €1bn in gearing up for production, and is completely different from its predecessor.

Initial road tests have shown that the new cab is a significant improvement on the old Actros, with excellent ride, comfort, handling and, perhaps more importantly, better fuel economy despite the step change in particulate and NOx emissions required for Euro-6.

This has been achieved with the use of Mercedes-Benz’s latest straight-six 12.8-litre OM471 engine, which is available in 421hp, 449hp, 476hp and 510hp ratings, fuelled with the X-Pulse fuel injection system and matched to the latest PowerShift 3 12-speed auto gearbox.

First impressions are of a truck that combines a modern, comfortable cab drivers will love with sure-footed handling. The improved fuel economy meanwhile will appeal to fleet managers worried that Euro-6 will inevitably mean heavier, more expensive, thirstier and more complex trucks.


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