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Attractive prices on used late-year vans

  • 07 February 2008
  • By Kevin Swallow

An abundance of late-year light CVs at auction is good news for retailers looking for attractive prices, says George Alexander of Glass’s Guide. Retailers have the opportunity to make favourable deals on late-year stock as used vans continue to flood the market.

The deluge has been created by large volumes of fleet vans, bought at a time of soaring registrations between 2004 and 2005, being replaced. George Alexander, chief commercial vehicle editor at Glass’s Guide, says: “With 2007 being a record-breaking year for new vehicle registrations, fleets have plenty of used vans to dispose of.

“Following 30 months of reporting late-year light commercial stock shortages, we now find there is ample supply. This could be a major opportunity for retailers to acquire stock at attractive prices.

“Despite not all stock being in perfect condition, vendors, dealers and customers can hopefully find sufficient common ground to achieve another good year for used van sales in 2008,” he says.

Concerns about the UK economy towards the close of last year, says Alexander, have also contributed to the greater availability of used vans. “It is not surprising that businesses do not wish to carry unnecessary capacity within their fleets at a time of economic uncertainty.

January is a time when the used market is commonly close to dormant and the extra light CVs taken on in the run-up to Christmas, now being returned as surplus to requirements, have resulted in auction sites being crammed with late-year vans,” he says.




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