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New tachograph regulations: an update on proposals

  • 05 April 2012
  • By Karen Crispe

Proposals to amend the Tachograph Regulation EEC No 3821/85 are now nearing the final stages of discussions, writes Tachodisc MD Karen Crispe. These proposals, which will be voted on by the European Commission this month before they go to the European Parliament in May/ June 2012, will amend the specification of the digital tachograph and will come into force in 2017/2018.  Full details of the proposals will be published in a White Paper that Tachodisc in association with Motor Transport will launch at the CV Show this month.

However, there is one element of the proposal that has recently been misinterpreted: the proposed ban on operators with their own tachograph workshops from installing or calibrating tachographs in their own vehicles. This has been miss-reported as the ‘European Commission wanting to ban operators carrying out their own digital analysis’.

This is not about analysis, it is about calibration. A digital tachograph is a recording device, and like all measuring devices has to be calibrated. The confusion has arisen from the fact that a Workshop Card, which has a unique electronic PIN, is used to calibrate the tachograph. The Workshop Card has many unique and powerful features, but in this context there is no connection with analysis, and no move to ban operators being able to carry out their own analysis.   

The actual rationale behind this proposal is to remove any opportunity for operators to fraudulently calibrate their own vehicles in their own workshops; there is however no evidence to support this view. If the proposals are agreed, operators would be required to use independent calibration workshops.  

And, finally…
•    Despite opposition, the merging of the driving licence with the tachograph card will form part of the final draft proposal, which members of the EU Commission will vote on next month.
•    At a meeting last month, there was also talk of implementing the GNSS (GPS) module into the tachograph for the purpose of recording the start and end point of a journey, earlier than originally proposed.  We await further confirmation.

  • Karen Crispe is the managing director of Tachodisc. For further information, contact Tachodisc
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