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Ambitious carbon reduction targets for Briggs

Briggs Equipment has launched a new environmental strategy that sets out plans to reduce the company’s carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2040.

What’s more, Britain’s leading independent forklift supply and service company aims to be completely carbon neutral by 2050, well ahead of targets set by the UK Government.

Led by the company’s Environment, Health, Safety and Quality team based at Briggs’s Cannock headquarters, the new strategy has been kick-started by a range of initiatives across the company.

Richard Close, the company’s Chief Executive, explained: “The strategy brings together a whole host of policies we’ve introduced over the past couple of years whilst presenting a clear vision of our future plans.

“We realise that it’s not possible to become carbon neutral over night, but we’re confident that the policies we have now and those to be introduced in the next few years, will make a significant contribution towards the fight against climate change.”

Amongst the ‘quick win’ policies introduced are new rules on low-emission company cars and a reduction in business travel thanks to investment in the latest communications technology.

There’s also an extensive staff training programme to help drivers use their vehicles more efficiently and this will be underpinned by local management within the company.

Elsewhere, Briggs is introducing energy efficient devices that switch off computers when they’re not in use and sensors that ensure lights are only used when needed. The company is also committed to sourcing products and services locally and other procurement systems to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

“On their own, these actions wouldn’t make much difference to our carbon footprint, but together they will bring huge benefits, not just to the environment but to reducing business overheads,” Richard continued.

“All these programmes will be monitored regularly to ensure they’re as effective as possible and, in the longer term, we’ll be embracing ‘green’ technology whenever we can.”

Added Richard: “We believe that businesses do not operate in isolation but have a responsibility to the communities they operate in, and the wider world. This new strategy demonstrates that sense of responsibility and our dedication to building a sustainable future.”

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