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Latest TBOOR survey results

  • 28 April 2010
  • By Justin Stanton

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents to the latest Trucking Britain Out Of Recession survey are in favour of eco-driving training being made a mandatory part of the Driver CPC. The Department for Transport is consulting on the move. It estimates the net benefit to the industry from 2011 to 2014 would be a £729m saving (CM 18 March).

The consultation closes on 30 June. In CM ‘s survey, just 17% voiced opposition to the move, while 11% were unsure. Verbatim responses came from across the spectrum:

  • “Drivers will take notice on the day, then won’t bother when they get back on the road.”
  • “Yet another nail in the coffin for the haulage industry.”
  • “Driver training is the way forward, demonstrating the importance of economical driving. Gone are the days of getting there as fast as possible.”
  • “This is all part of developing your skills, taking pride in what you do.”

Many respondents expressed concern that legislation effectively allows attendance on a Driver CPC course to equal a pass without any testing of drivers’ knowledge at the end of the course. Others are also worried about the availability of ‘tick box’ Driver CPC courses.

Some respondents want to see several aspects of Driver CPC made mandatory: “The CPC should be fixed such that all drivers do the same core modules. Fuel efficiency should be part of this, so should first aid and tacho rules. And it should be exam-based,” said one operator.

See next week’s issue of CM for analysis of the rest of April’s Trucking Britain survey.

The next survey will be online from Tuesday 4 May; go to to have your say.




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