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BMW Motorrad to unveil new truck repair motorcycle at CV Show 2012

  • 20 March 2012
  • By Commercial Motor

This year’s CV Show will include a unusual exhibitor in the form of BMW Motorrad, introducing a new motorcycle aimed particularly at operators who run sizeable fleets in urban locations. Its arrival is based on the fact that a significant number of CV breakdowns are due to faults which can often be fixed with either a laptop computer or basic hand tools.

Getting £60,000 of fully-equipped service van to a breakdown is often a waste of resources, and especially in inner-cities, can take significantly longer than a two-wheeler. BMW’s truck repair demonstrator is based on the R1200RT-P, the model which currently takes around two-thirds of the UK emergency bike market.

Rather than being converted, it’s built on the normal production line with specialist kit such as a special low-ratio final drive and a twin-battery split-charging electrical system included from the start.


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