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Eddie Stobart choose UV Cured infill walkways from Inotec

Eddie Stobart Ltd have chosen full colour UV Cured walkways from Inotec as part of their constant drive to improve health and safety.


Their high volume, fast-paced logistics business, demands robust health and safety processes, to ensure an efficient and safe working environment for all staff.

The key requirements for both the safety of staff and the efficiency of the business meant that the markings needed to be highly visible, quick to install, extremely durable and easy to clean.

The method chosen – DURALINE RAPIDSHIELD from Inotec – utilises the latest UV Cure linemarking technology.

They have also chosen to adopt a more visual infill walkway, rather than traditional tram lines with walking men – to offer more clearly defined boundaries for people and MHE.

inotec-Logo-(New)The hard curing UV coatings are able to withstand the harsh conditions of the fast moving goods-in goods-out processes for up to 5 years.

Food Safe colour coats and VOC free top coats are applied to the specially prepared floor slab – ensuring a strong and perfect bond to the floor. The RAPIDSHIELD clear top coat adds unrivalled durability and protection – offering a smooth hard surface that is resistant to chemicals, abrasion and easy to clean and maintain.

Using the latest in Ultra-Violet lamp technology, the surface is instantly cured and could be handed back to the Warehouse immediately causing minimal disruption to operations. A decisive advantage compared to conventional curing processes.


Mick Cunningham of Eddie Stobart Ltd commented: ”Eddie Stobart Ltd have recognised that traditional line marking can mark up easily, can chip off the floor and wears heavily due to heavy fork lift traffic that is present at our busy sites. As lines deteriorate over time safe walkways become less clearly defined.

“Inotec have been selected to install full infill walkway with outer tram lines, using their hybrid ultra violet cured Duraline Rapid System. This creates a far more visible solution, clearly marking personnel routes. It is significantly harder wearing than conventional epoxy lines (due to the ultra violet cured top coat) and importantly it can easily be cleaned.

“In our extremely busy warehouse operations, health and safety is of utmost importance and the infill hybrid walkway from inotec provides the ideal solution”

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