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Rotrex Winches finds a better fuel card

With facilities in Derby, Glasgow and London, today’s Rotrex Winches has come a long way since its founders set up their business more than 40 years ago. It is now the UK’s leading winch hire, sales, servicing and support organisation, offering one of Europe’s largest ranges. Whatever the customer needs, from a pull of 100 kgs to 200 tonnes, Rotrex Winches has the answer, fully backed by skilled technicians and engineers. It serves customers throughout the UK, using a fleet of 18 cars and 12 light commercial vehicles which are refuelled using fuel cards supplied by Fuel Card Services.


Alan Coxon, finance manager, said, “When our previous supplier suddenly started to add £2 to every refuelling, around 15 months ago, they had to go. It was already an issue that we were having to pay pump prices, so we had a good look at alternatives. Fuel Card Services looked like the best deal and it has proven to be the right decision. We are now enjoying significant cost savings and receiving real personal service.”

Rotrex Winches now uses BP and Texaco fuel cards and refuels with both diesel and petrol using fixed weekly pricing. This means that Alan is notified every Friday of the fixed prices for the coming week, which will apply across nationwide  networks of thousands of refuelling sites. The fixed pricing delivers a typical cost saving of up to 4p per litre on national average pump prices, up to 10 per litre on motorway refuelling. There are no ‘network fees,’ ‘transaction charges,’ or other additional costs levied.

Alan Coxon said, “Everything is well set up and runs very smoothly. If we ever do have a request or query, I call our dedicated account manager, Joanne, on her direct line and everything is resolved quickly and efficiently. It makes a real difference, always talking to the same person and receiving such efficient personal service. Our previous supplier expects customers to sit in a call centre queue and then explain who they are to a random stranger.”

Rotrex Winches also benefits from 24/7 secure internet access to its account details, including any refuelling that is yet to be invoiced. The interval between refuelling and invoicing means that it also enjoys up to two weeks of interest-free credit. With a single weekly invoice, paid automatically by direct debit, there is no paperwork and no administration workload. The whole service is supported by leading-edge security features. Each fuel card is linked to a specific vehicle or driver and would be completely useless to anyone else, if lost or stolen.

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