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August 15th – Summertime and it’s business as usual

Welcome to the August 15th Warehouse Logistics News. As the glorious summer continues much of Britain is in holiday mode. But in industrial parks and on the roads it’s business as usual for the warehousing and logistics sector. And it’s the same scenario at WLN Central as we present a fresh crop of stories about equipment and services to help improve productivity and performance in your operations.



FrontIn our features we take a close look at Fork Trucks, including counterbalance trucks, side loaders, VNA, reach trucks and other specialist machines. Warehouse Flooring covers floor preparation, maintenance, mezzanine floors and area markings. And Conveying Sortation takes in automated materials handling equipment and IT solutions.

It’s always good to publish success stories. As reported on our front cover, PD Industrial, one of the UK’s leading distributors of pallet racking and warehouse equipment, is celebrating a hat trick of achievements. Two key national contracts have been awarded for inspection and maintenance of pallet racking systems, one at a major UK retailer and the other for a national food manufacturer and distributor. PDI has also been admitted to the SEMA distribution group, confirming its commitment to quality and training.

Only 140 days to Christmas! Britain’s retailers and their suppliers have some of our biggest warehouse and logistics operations. As we move further into the second half of 2014, these enterprises are training their sights on Christmas and improving and investing in infrastructure to support their businesses in this part of the year.

So what do our experts have to say about the prospects for Christmas trading this time round? As a starter, the UK is now confirmed as one of the fastest growing Western economies, according to the ONS. The latest word from the CBI is equally promising. Retail sales volumes grew solidly in the year to July, rebounding from a disappointing performance a month earlier, according to the CBI’s newest Distributive Trades Survey. This showed retailers expecting sales volumes to grow even faster in August and stocks rising to meet demand, in anticipation of this stronger sales growth. The CBI survey also showed retail Internet sales volumes rising solidly.

The other crucial factor to consider is of course the consumer. Last year, with consumer confidence rising and strong retail sales growth throughout, a good Christmas was to be expected, and Mintel say there’s everything to suggest the upwards retail trend will continue through 2014 and byond. Which is good news for all concerned.

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