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New ATF in Shrewsbury for truck dealer Greenhous Daf

  • 08 August 2014
  • By Kevin Swallow

Greenhous Daf has invested in a new authorised testing facility (ATF) at its Shrewsbury depot.

Open two days a week, it is the second ATF following the installation, and subsequent success, of the ATF lane at the Willenhall site three years ago.

Wayne Fletcher, service director at Greenhous Daf, said over the past 12 months the dealership has noticed the benefits of investing in the ATF.

“As the DVSA is gradually phasing out its testing facilities, we have seen a real rise in demand for commercial testing since its launch at Greenhous. This inevitably meant an extension of our facilities was needed,” he explained.

The established ATF at Willenhall is now open four days a week. “By operating at Willenhall for four days instead of two, we are allowing more time to cope with our increasing customer demand,” he said.

Greenhous Daf is also offering a specific package that targets the areas where a majority of the test failures occur.

“The vehicles will undergo a brake and headlight test before they are taken down the ATF lane. Three-quarters of failures in tests are related to brakes and headlights, making those the two main reasons why commercials don’t pass.

“By offering these initial tests, we are massively reducing the risk of failure and are in turn protecting the operator’s OCRS,” he added.

“By introducing this package, along with extending our testing hours, we are enhancing our services to give the operator the best possible chance of passing while making the process hassle-free.”


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