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Mitsubishi EDiA EX forklift truck delivers agility and power

Warehouse managers could soon find it easier to move large loads in tight spaces, after Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks unveiled its new 80V electric forklift: EDiA EX. Launched at Valencia’s City of Arts and Science, EDiA EX could – according to Mitsubishi – make a significant difference to storage arrangements where space is at a premium.

The main reason is the truck’s impressive lifting capacity for its size. Visibly smaller than others in its 2.5-3.5 tonne capacity range, EDiA EX nonetheless boasts residual performance, with the strength and stability to bear large loads smoothly up to heights of 7 metres. As a result, warehouse managers could soon use the new truck to make more efficient use of space, taking larger loads further and higher in the racking.

Agile four-wheel steering

As well as its compact dimensions, EDiA EX excels in tight spaces because of its steering configuration. Rear steering wheels turn to an angle of more than 100 degrees, with individual drive motors counter-rotating the front wheels, effectively giving the truck four wheel steering, and the ability to pivot within its own length. The resulting lack of rolling resistance also reduces tyre wear, and makes EDiA EX’s steering agile, responsive and precise – protecting racking and stock.

Confidence drives productivity

Having given the operator agility and precision, EDiA EX is designed to ensure they’re used to the full. From the placement of the counterweight to the angle of the dashboard and even the streamlined steering column, every aspect has been carefully thought-out to give the best possible view of the forks, load and reversing angles. The driver can clearly see every obstacle, knows instantly where to go, and the truck’s precise steering puts it there with safety and confidence. Meanwhile, a spacious cabin, optimised pedals and utterly intuitive controls means the operator is never distracted from the job in hand – making them fast, safe and productive.

Go anywhere performance

But tight warehouse aisles are not the only place where EDiA EX breaks new ground. IPX4 water protection makes this an electric truck than can safely deliver in the wet. That means emission-controlled sites no longer need a separate IC-engine truck for outdoor loading and unloading duties. Likewise, clean operations with wash-down zones or wet produce like fish are now able to take full advantage of the hygiene and air quality benefits of an electric forklift truck, without fear. This combination of cleanliness and rugged practicality is also reflected in EDiA EX’s zero-maintenance sealed brakes. Protected against dust and water, the brake enclosure also eliminates metallic brake dust contamination of the truck’s surroundings.

Just drive

For many sites, however, Mitsubishi believes EDiA EX’s main strength may simply be the way it drives. Poised and stable, the whole truck is designed to make the operator feel instantly at home, inspiring confidence and encouraging maximum productivity from the first minute. The pioneering Sensitive Drive System intelligently adapts the truck’s response to the nature of the operator’s movements – smoothing stop and start and interpreting the pressure applied – while touch-sensitivity take the optional fingertip controls to a new level, with gentler movements allowing finer control. Moreover, EDiA EX offers a flexible choice of practical drive modes, allowing managers to emphasise economy and safety for inexperienced users or long shifts, or boost performance in PRO mode, for expert operators when the pressure’s on.

The complete package

Mast-mounted LED lighting, automatic parking brake with hill-hold and full-colour LCD display – giving full information on all the truck’s functions – complete an impressive package. It is easy to understand why Mitsubishi believes EDiA EX could change the game for larger electric forklifts, and see more companies trading in their engine-powered trucks to join the electric revolution.

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