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BDPSmart goes mobile

BDP International now offers its global customers the convenience of mobile access to the functionality and a subset of features of its BDPSmart 3.0 online customer service portal. Called BDPSmart Mobile, the new application runs on any Android or Apple iOS device and supports the most recent versions of Chrome and Safari browsers.

“We made a strategic decision to refine our customers’ baseline experience and extend a popular set of features in a mobile-friendly manner,” said Andy Santacroce, BDP vice president of customer-facing products. “Users can now view and update their profiles, check their alerts, search public BDP reference numbers and more.”

Available features include tracking (search, details, timeline and documents), compliance (free trade agreements and document requirements), alerts (company alerts and alerts history) and My BDPSmart (My Home, My Profile and My Library). Specific features are available based on device capability. Users can access the full set of features on their mobile devices by switching between the mobile and desktop experiences via a button on the login page and simply logging out of one and into the other.

Originally launched in 2008, BDPSmart provides highly configurable strategic information, as well as tactical, frontline decision-support data through a single-source Web portal. It allows shippers to visualise their logistics process and provides performance measurement reports configurable to users’ requirements. Among its complementary features are a compliance performance accountability dashboard; BDPSmart Vü providing procurement and inbound logistics managers unparalleled visibility of milestones in the life cycle of purchase orders; and BDPSmart Tower for managing chemical, oil and gas companies’ fleets of tanks and containers.

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