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Photocard licence and tacho card charges set to fall

  • 31 July 2014
  • By Robin Meczes

The fees vehicle operators in Great Britain pay for driving licences and tachograph cards look set to fall later this year after the DVLA announced plans to return a surplus of around £25m a year.

Under the proposals, the fees charged for a first GB driving licence would fall from £50 to £43 for a paper application and to £34 for a digital application; those for renewals would fall from £20 to £17 (paper) or  £14 (digital); and the cost of a driver or company digital tachograph card would fall from £38 to £32. Applications for provisional and full vocational driving licences would remain free.

The proposals, which the DVLA is consulting on until 25 August, should take effect in October and result in savings of £18m a year for drivers and approaching £2m a year for industry, the agency has suggested – around £1.6m of the latter arising directly from the reduction in charges for tachograph cards with the rest based on photocard licence fee reductions, time savings and the lower charges for online applications.

It is not clear exactly how long DVLA has been running a surplus for but a DVLA spokeswoman told us that its overall size had “increased significantly in 2013-14 due to the delivery of some major efficiency initiatives which reduced our overall expenditure”.  In the consultation document, the agency admits it “would not be acceptable or in the public interest to continue without doing anything” about the matter.

Commenting on the plan, an RHA spokesman said: “We are in favour of any measure that reduces charges to members, provided that service levels are not compromised.”

The FTA also welcomed the move. Ian Gallagher, head of policy for driver licensing and vehicle registration, said reaction from over 20 members so far was “very positive” and he particularly welcomed the fact that vocational licence applications would remain free of charge. 


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