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Beecraft’s new pallet range

Beecraft UK Ltd based in Wembley, has been established since 1989, distributing plastic pallets and have recently released the range of “HEAVY DUTY” for both pallets sized 1200×800 and 1200×1000, containing the latest state of the art features, which include Logo, RFID Tag, Bar coding, label sticker area and Rubber insert to avoid slippery of goods in Transit and many more options.


The new European pallet HEAVY DUTY repairable skates offer durability and return relative to other alternatives with maximum performance. With 19kg compared to 25kg of a pallet EUR EPAL quality pallet this general area is prepared to withstand static load of 5,000kg, 1,500kg dynamic load up to 800kg and rack. There is also the possibility of inserting metal reinforcements that increase their ability to rack over 1.000kg of offering maximum security assurances. Ideal for reuse logistics and storage, both for manufacturing environments and distribution circuits. Their standard size pallet make this a great alternative to automated processes where the plastic has many advantages (high cycle life, hygienic, versatile, lighter, recyclability, sustainability, etc…) or in environments where no wooden pallet is allowed (ie for certain food environments).

The new range of pallet HEAVY DUTY 1200×1000, has several versions depending on the number of pads required. Version 3, 5 and 6 bottom skids / runners is the most widespread in sectors such as automotive, meat and fish. Not being required load capacity since no limitation is prepared for the highest. This new model of 22kg has the possibility of incorporating both slip rubber on the board and the base of the shoes to stabilize the load and prevent movement during transport. Also the version with 6 bottom skids / runners especially developed for beverage bottlers where product durability and high load demands positioned it as an ideal option to renew existing wooden pallets.


Also available wider range of plastic pallets with many options and sizes to cover multi application:

Sizes available are:

400 x 600mm

600 x 800mm

800 x 1200mm

1000 x 1200mm

1100 x 1100mm

1200 x 1200mm

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