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A Company with history

A Company with a solid history of continuous trading and ownership is a rare thing these days especially after the poor economic climate of the past 6 years but that is exactly what S L United Storage Systems Ltd t/as United Storage has.


As United Storage approaches its 37th Birthday on the memorable date of the 7th July (the seventh of the seventh) the Directors and Staff intend to celebrate something that is an achievement. United Storage commenced trading on the 7th of the 7th  1977 with an order from Allen and Hanbury Ltd (now GlaxoSmith Kline) for British Standard Shelving. Since that date United Storage has continued to trade through both good and bad economic periods, growing in strength.

From the humble first order, United Storage has continued to sell shelving systems and racking systems then being a pioneering supplier of mezzanine floors and associated products into warehouses, distribution centres, retail environments and self storage facilities. As United Storage has grown so has the resources needed to service the clients. Firstly with their own large warehouse facility, then starting their own production facility back in 2004, a second reason to celebrate, 10 years of manufacturing our own products.

Throughout United Storage’s history the company has remained under the same ownership with many long serving employees, surpassing 20 years of service. This has enabled the company to provide quality products with a top class service thus upholding the moto of “Quality and Service”.


Going forward United Storage is supplying the excellent “Kimer” racking and shelving products into all business sectors from small “one off” supplies to reoccurring customer roll outs to full distribution centre fit outs. The “Kimer” range of Storage Equipment Products being made to all the latest standards in Valencia, Spain are extremely good products and of the highest standards with an excellent finish that United Storage is pleased to fill customer orders with.

The supply of Mezzanine Floors is still a very important part of United Storage’s customer service. Being one of the few suppliers that design, manufacture, supply and install. Our Mezzanine Floors come in a full varied range of specifications from small service platforms to multi-tier mezzanines that provide the best and most economical way to fit out a self storage facility.

United Storage is a company that has grown by customer recommendation rather than large marketing campaigns as the quality of service is what is believed to speak louder than anything. If you have requirements for storage equipment or products United Storage will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


We thank all our customers, past and present, for the past 37 years and look forward to servicing past, present and future customers over the next 37 years.

S L United Storage Systems Ltd, United House, The Street, Takeley, Essex, CM22 6QR

Tel: 01279 871787

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