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July 15th – Happy birthday, barcodes celebrating 40 years of scanning

Welcome to the July 15th Warehouse Logistics News. It’s incredible to think barcode scanning has been with us now for forty years. As reported in our front page article, history was made back in 1974 when a 10-pack of Wrigley’s gum was scanned and purchased at a Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, using something now used 5 billion times every day: the Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode. In honour of this special occasion, Honeywell is celebrating the anniversary and the role it has played in barcode and scanning innovation over the decades.


FrontThe holiday season’s here but in these pages it’s business as usual, with our scheduled features on Storage Solutions, Pallet Focus and Warehouse IT, to help you get the best possible performance from your operations. In Storage Solutions we look at maximising the efficient use of space in the warehouse, including pallet racking, cantilever racking, shelving and other applications. Pallet Focus takes in wood and plastic pallets, suppliers, pallet pools, pallet management, pallet inverters and all other related products. Warehouse IT includes E-commerce and fulfilment, RFID, barcodes, readers, scanners, labels and handheld technology.

As the sporting summer continues, it’s time to say hello to everyone involved in keeping the supply chains going in and around the locations across the UK where the major sporting events are taking place. In Glasgow, where the 2014 Commonwealth Games open on Wednesday 23rd, we are assured the logistics companies serving the city have upped their game. Back in January Glasgow’s taxi and bus drivers didn’t know where the city’s Emirates Arena was. In their defence it is commonly known as the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome and is next to Celtic Park. Hopefully now everyone is better informed.

Returning to our cover story, as Sprague Ackley, a technologist at Honeywell Scanning Mobility says in our article, forty years ago we could have never imagined the impact the barcode would go on to have on consumers and businesses across the world. From providing a speedier check out at the grocery store to scanning at a hospital bedside, to enabling goods to be tracked throughout their lifetime or using a phone to board a plane, the power of this technology is extraordinary.

From the invention of Code 39, the most widely used barcode, to the Aztec 2D barcode used on airline and railway tickets, Honeywell has continued to collaborate with customers around the globe to deliver new scanning technologies that help transform business processes. Honeywell Scanning Mobility contributes a broad portfolio of retail-ready and ruggedised scanners in the supply chain space to capture, process and analyse data on barcodes around the globe. Watch this space to see where this fascinating technology goes next!

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