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Asian Traders Ltd

This low energy LED lighting case study details an installation at a 30,000 square foot factory in Southall, London. LED light fixtures were installed which reduced the lighting load from 26.5kW to 6.8kW (75%) resulting in a 76.9 tonne reduction in CO2 emissions


The Company…

Asian Traders Ltd is a UK based established wholesale distribution company, which has stood out as an entity with a great potential to become one of the foremost competitive distributors in the UK.

The Challenge…

Asian traders Ltd contacted V-TAC seeking an energy efficient lighting solution, including the replacement of several HID lights located in the chilled storage/packing area of their 3000 square metre site in Southall, London. The main requirements of the project were:

• To reduce the business carbon footprint and energy expenditure;

• To qualify for an interest-free loan from the Carbon Trust

• To reduce the necessary frequency of lamp replacement

BeFunky_DSC_0355The Existing Lighting

Light type in area 1: 250W ?400! SONe

Initial lighting load: 26.5KW

Height of lights: Approx. 6 metres

Operating hours of lights: 24 hours, 6 days/week

The New Lighting System…

New lighting fixtures: 100W LED?fixtures

Energy Reduction: 75%

Lighting Levels: Light quality improved

CO2 Savings: 76.9 tonnes/year

Feedback on the Green Business Light service…

Savinder Singh at Asian Traders commented “The LED High Bays from V-TAC are absolutely fantastic. The whole ambience in our warehouse has improved and we could see the savings from the first month.I recommend it to anyone looking for energy efficient industrial lighting…”

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