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Walk round checks

  • 10 July 2014
  • By Justin Stanton

Since the launch of Tachodisc’s Vehicle Walk Around Check App, customers have reported on new and interesting ways they are using the information that feeds into the back-office management system: one includes using the data to manage and reduce the miscellaneous budget allocated to vehicle repairs – and not just on lorries, but on vans too.

Guy Reynolds, Tachodisc technical director, said that many companies are not just using the App for compliance reasons, but also to monitor everyday damage to vehicles – general damage that does not warrant an insurance claim but is still costly to the business when added up over a 12-month period.

“One customer told us that he has a £750,000 miscellaneous budget for vehicle repairs on his 500-plus fleet, and until now they’ve not had a system that could easily monitor and target vehicle damage quick enough. With the App, they are notified immediately of a defect and can respond accordingly, limiting the timeframe that miscellaneous damage has happened to the vehicle.”

This is also helping with bonus schemes designed to incentivise and reward drivers who have a clean ‘vehicle damage’ record.  “Historically, this has been difficult to track, especially if drivers are sharing vehicles across different shifts,” said Reynolds. “But, with our App, operators know exactly when and who was driving the vehicle and when the defect and/or damage was reported.”

“Testament to how big a problem this is, we know of operators that are now using the App to conduct two or more vehicle walk around checks a day, on all vehicles in their fleet – HGVs and LCVs,” confirmed Reynolds.

“This goes above and beyond using the App for compliance, and is proof of how the App and its feature-rich back-office functionality can give pay-back to operators.”

About the App
Tachodisc’s Android App has been designed to simplify the process of carrying out daily vehicle checks, and to give operators a robust system that helps track, report and analyse the defects by vehicle and driver in real time.

Drivers simply either note down the defects and/or take photos on their mobile device. For drivers, this makes it easy to use in all weathers and at any time of the day or night, with all the notes and photos securely stored within the system for the electronic audit trail.

The clever technology is in the App’s back office functionality, which uses a traffic light system so that operators can instantly see if a walk around check has been done that day, at what time and how long it took.  At a glance it will also instantly identify and flag up outstanding vehicle faults.

This information all feeds into our management reporting system so that data can be analysed by vehicle and driver in real time and historically using statistical graphs.  The system also identifies what the defects costs are if a default is recorded – this not only aids the compliance process, it also helps operators with the commercial side of managing vehicle maintenance.

As a further option, the Vehicle Walk Around Check App can also be integrated with Tachodisc’s analysis software solution for enhanced data analysis.

To find out more about Tachodisc’s Vehicle Walk Around Check App, which starts from as little 20p per week per driver, please telephone 01925 283328, email or visit

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