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Northamptonshire could squeeze roads

  • 11 July 2014
  • By Chris Tindall

Narrowing the width of roads in Northamptonshire in order to stop lorries using them has not been ruled out by the county council.

Concerns were raised last year about the controversial proposal after a consultation was launched into ways of saving money.

Northamptonshire County Council said 470 responses were received, with ideas such as reclassifying roads as local lanes, introducing 20mph zones and narrowing certain routes to save on maintenance costs.

The Road Haulage Association said it had concerns about this plan and that it might lead to more damage by vehicles to the edges of roads.

A council spokeswoman said: “Some community groups have contacted the council with suggestions for roads that could be reclassified to a lower status, such as a local lane, which involves altering the maintenance so as to discourage traffic use in favour of walking and cycling routes. A list of such sites is being compiled to investigate their suitability.

“The business case for narrowing of roads is still being considered. This will include looking at the associated costs of any physical narrowing versus the maintenance savings.”

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