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Heavyweight trucks added to Linde Material Handling range

Industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling (MH) has expanded its range of electric trucks to enable customers to carry load capacities of between six to eight tonnes.

The new Linde E60-E80 range have been fitted with a series of innovative new specifications to ensure they can efficiently carry loads weighing up to eight tonnes quickly and safely — as well as lift at the maximum lift height.

Allison Tucker, Counterbalance product manager from Linde MH said, “For many operating companies — such as those in the sensitive food industry—electrically powered trucks have become the solution of choice when investing in intralogistics, thanks to their lack of emissions and quiet operation.

“At the same time, this segment is also seeing the trend for higher load capacity classes, with a view to handling larger volumes of goods per cycle and increasing productivity. Linde MH is meeting this growing demand head-on with its extensive new range of electric forklift trucks.”

The new E60-E80 trucks have a powerful encapsulated drive unit with two 11-kW three-phase AC traction motors integrated into the front axle to allow them to carry the increased load capacity. They also have maintenance-free oil bath multi-disc brakes with energy recovery and co-ordinated power modules, which feature the typical Linde design.

A key feature of the new trucks is their manoeuvrability. They are extremely easy to operate and are able to turn within a radius of just three metres due to its dual-motor front-wheel drive. Additionally to ensure that the trucks are as economical as possible during operation they have a selection of different drive modes to provide the ideal blend of performance and (energy) efficiency.

In addition to the new E60-E80 range being extremely easy to operate, they are designed with an impressive range of safety features further highlighting Linde MH’s long standing commitment to increasing levels of operator safety, comfort and overall well-being.

The new Linde E60-E80 range have an overhead guard and chassis to form a complete, fully enclosed, solid unit, which provides a protective space around the operator. At the same time, the slimline profile of the lift mast ensures operators have a good view ahead allowing loads to be handled safely.

The spacious cab is the same as the equivalent series of Linde engine trucks in terms of their design and features.
Other features include:

  • A larger footwell and the hydraulically dampened operator’s seat, which is spring-loaded as standard to minimise vibration and offers a host of adjustment options, as well as the scope to be upgraded to the air-sprung super comfort operator’s seat with seat heater and backrest extension.
  • Linde’s innovative Load Control means that working hydraulics can be controlled with precision and sensitivity.
  • Linde’s Curve Assist technology is also available to operators as standard. This system reduces the speed of the truck in bends depending on the steering angle.
  • An automatic parking brake can be set to automatically apply the handbrake at certain times and when the truck comes to a standstill. This feature prevents the truck from rolling away in an uncontrolled manner on slopes and is de-activated by pressing the accelerator pedal again.
  • Battery charge display allows operator to accurately plan for the next battery replacement or charge and avoid deep discharge and subsequent damage to the battery. This information is made available to operators via the multifunction indicator.
  • Active ventilation—in which any gases from the battery are conducted away via the rear of the truck—the truck can even be charged with the doors closed, meaning less space is required for the charging process.
  • Wide, soft steps and a handle on the A pillar and battery hood ensure safe entry into and exit from the cab.
  • The tried-and-tested BlueSpot feature that warns against approaching trucks is also available upon request.

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