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Residents force owner of unauthorised lorry park to rethink plans

  • 26 June 2014
  • By Chris Tindall

An unauthorised lorry park in Kent that led to complaints about prostitutes, alcohol consumption and urinating, has withdrawn a retrospective planning application while the owner attempts to address concerns.

The Folkestone 50-space truckstop in Caesars Way applied to Shepway District Council for the continued use of the land as an overnight lorry park.

But the application by Mr N Jogaila attracted more than 30 complaints from nearby residents who said they were fed up with the alleged noise, “knife fights” and damage to property.

Jogaila has now withdrawn his application amid concerns that planning would be refused and that an enforcement notice would be issued due to the sheer volume of criticism.

One resident said: “Apart from the noise issues of 40-tonne lorries braking, accelerating, vibrating and shaking adjoining properties on highways that were never designed for this use, there are no toilet facilities. Prostitution is taking place on the site [and] drivers are urinating in full view of residents.”

A council spokeswoman told “We note from the committee report that enforcement action would be implemented if a planning refusal was issued and in that respect the applicant has requested that the development control committee members grant the applicant a period of time for the above investigations to be undertaken.”

RDA Architects, which acts as the lorry park owner’s agent, declined to comment.


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