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Vehicle tax non-transferrable from autumn, says DVLA

  • 24 June 2014
  • By Chris Druce

Vehicle tax will no longer be transferrable when selling a truck from this autumn, the DVLA has said.

Ahead of the abolition of the paper road tax disc on 1 October this year, the agency has reminded operators that from this point the option of selling vehicles as “taxed” with any remaining tax transferring over, will no longer be an option.

Under the new paperless system, the existing registered keeper of the vehicle will instead be issued with a refund for any remaining months, with the new owner required to get their own vehicle tax before they can drive it away.

DVLA claims around 60% of vehicle taxation is already done online, and as of 1 October it will cease issuing a paper tax disc (those that have tax discs that expire after this date will no longer be required to display them in their vehicle’s windscreen if they do not wish to).

However, paper renewal reminders will still be sent out and drivers will be able to continue to purchase their tax online or at the Post Office if they wish.

DVLA is currently refreshing its website ahead of the autumn at

The government claims the removal of the paper tax disc will save UK taxpayers around £10m a year, with the police relying on the DVLA’s electronic vehicle register and number-plate recognition technology to enforce the law.


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