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Fortec gets back in the IT game

  • 19 June 2014
  • By Chris Druce

Fortec will complete its most significant IT project in a decade by the end of the year, in a move it claims will put it ahead of its pallet network rivals and on a par with the best the parcels sector can offer.

Andrew Knowles, Fortec operations director, told CM: “We felt we were behind on IT. I’d say we are as good as the parcel operators now in IT, and we are ahead of any pallet network.”

Central to this is Fortec Connect, an Android App the network rolled out last year on ruggedised Samsung Xcover2 handsets. Around 230 Android devices are being used by 60 of Fortec’s 72 haulier-members, with the remaining 12 set to be on board by the year’s end after transport management system compatibility work is complete. The App offers a sign-on screen, and an automatic time, date and GPS stamp, all in real-time.

While the units via GPS provide telematics data giving Fortec oversight of member trunks, the final piece of the puzzle will be complete in the fourth quarter with the introduction of active RFID technology.

Fortec is using passive RFID at its hub to track individual vehicles on arrival using smartcards, but the introduction of active RFID on consignment labels will allow it to track individual pallets throughout their journeys.

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