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Roadside interrogation: 2018 changes confirmed

  • 11 June 2014
  • By Justin Stanton

One of the most talked about updates in the legislative process to amend tachograph regulation (EC) NO 561/2006 and to repeal (EEC) 3821/85 is ‘Roadside interrogation of the tachograph’, which comes into force in 2018 with the introduction of the new smart digital tachograph, writes Guy Reynolds, Tachodisc’s technical director.

To date, the finer details of what will be transmitted remotely for road side enforcement have been vague. All we’ve known is that they will not be a full download of a VU or a drivers’ card, with their purpose intended to be more basic, i.e. to check that the tachograph understands that the vehicle is moving or a drivers’ card is inserted.

However, following a meeting last week in Brussels last week, Tachodisc can now reveal the exact list of what will be transmitted. The checks will include:

  • the latest security breach attempt
  • the longest power supply interruption
  • sensor fault
  • motion data error
  • vehicle motion conflict
  • driving without a DRC
  • DRC insertion while driving
  • Time adjustment data
  • Calibration data (including the two latest)
  • VRN
  • Speed recorded by DT

To facilitate this, wireless communication based on Dedicated Short Range Communication will be made a standard with control officers for the purpose of targeted roadside checks; but the equipment for enforcement officers will not be mandatory for 15 years following the introduction of the new tachograph (2033).

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