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Barrier method for transit and storage

Corrosion and moisture damage can be a major problem during transit and storage of machinery and spare parts. The length of time in transit, and the changes from temperate to tropical climates effects the humidity levels within the pack which can then lead to corrosion problems within a very short period of time.

corrosion-4The only way to protect the goods climatically is to pack the items within a Barrier Foil Bag, hermetically sealed with a calculated amount of desiccant, to provide complete protection from humidity and moisture damage. The amount of desiccant required is dramatically reduced with Barrier Foils as the water vapour transmission rates are up to 80 times more effective than polythene. Within a heat sealed barrier foil bag the relative humidity levels remain well below 40%, the starting point for corrosion.

Barrier Foil Bags and Liners are tailor made to suit the customer’s requirements and will protect any item that could deteriorate due to moisture ingress. There is no limitation on size, and no minimum order quantity.

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