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Klimate provides Fire Doors and High Speed Doors to a major producer of tissue products

Klimate High Speed Doors have been installing their UK made range of high speed, rapid roll doors now for over 20 years. In that time they have installed them in a wide variety of places from car production plants and food process lines to highways salt stores and even underground. The latest batch of installations took place at SCA in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.


SCA approached Klimate with a number of problems that they wanted to get around. Due to a reassignment of the factory it was required for extra walls to be built including rapid roll doors and fire roller shutter doors. As Klimate and their parent company BID Group have been working on this site and other SCA sites around the country for many years it was natural that they would be considered for the work.

Ian Smith, Project Engineer says that Klimate were chosen to supply the doors on this occasion as they were already present on site and are known for their excellent service. “Most high speed doors act in similar ways but the reliability of the Klimate doors coupled with the response time offered by the company made the choice a very easy one. The fact that they are very competitively priced is an added bonus”.

One area in particular that was causing concern included a pedestrian route that passed directly in front of an opening which was to have a high speed door on it. This could have caused many near misses between foot traffic and passing fork lift trucks. However, due to their many years experience within the door market Klimate were able to work with the client and other contractors on site to incorporate their door with a pedestrian crossing system so when pedestrians were within the opening the door could not operate. Due to the effectiveness of this system the company are now considering rolling out this system across the site and perhaps the business.

In total this project included 5 Rapid Roll Doors and 5 Fire Roller Shutter Doors with 3 of each already being installed and a further 2 due over the next couple of weeks/months as the project progresses.

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