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ASG Services launches Silverback PO+ labelling system

New from ASG Services, the Warrington-based supplier of advanced rack labelling and safety solutions, is its Silverback PO+ labelling system which provides the answer to all the common labelling problems of legibility, adhesion and durability that have dogged the logistics industry for decades.

A perennial problem with which logistics and production managers will be all-too-familiar is racking and storage location identification labels that don’t remain in place – closely followed by the problem of an earlier label showing through when a new one is applied over it. These problems can create havoc for bar-code readers, reduce picking accuracy and overall productivity, and thereby increase costs.

All these difficulties are a thing of the past with Silverback PO+ — a product exclusive to ASG Services — where the printable face is bonded to a silver-coated, blended polyolefin base that is completely opaque to allow re-labelling over existing – thus providing major time and cost savings.

The polyolefin base material is formulated from a mix of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) while the proprietary silver coating is 100% opaque to ensure maximum clarity for laser printed bar codes and subsequent identification by bar code readers.

Silverback PO+ labels are extremely durable and easily resist the everyday minor impacts that occur in a busy warehouse environment and when laminated comes with a lifetime scanning guarantee.

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