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Electronic defect records accepted by DVSA

  • 19 May 2014
  • By Justin Stanton

In the new edition of the ‘Guide to maintaining roadworthiness’, published in April 2014, the DVSA has referenced that keeping computer/electronic records of reported defects found during the daily walk around check is acceptable, writes Angela Eardley, compliance manager at Tachodisc

This is the first time the guide has readily acknowledged computer records, and represents a sign of the times that through mobile technology, electronic reporting will be the way forward because of all the associated benefits. 

Electronic reporting cuts down on any errors or inefficiencies associated with paper inspections to ensure safety and compliance in line with DVSA’s safety and maintenance guide. It also reduces the administrative burden associated with managing reams of paper records.

Plus, from a compliance viewpoint the technology gives operators more control and a more effective management process; for example, operators would know instantly when the daily walk around check has been completed. It is also a powerful tool for showing evidence of good practice – it provides an electronic audit trail with documents securely stored and easy to trace.

Tachodisc’s Vehicle Walk Around Check App has been designed with all these benefits in mind. It simplifies the process of carrying out daily vehicle checks for drivers, and it gives operators a robust system that helps track, report and analyse the defects by vehicle and driver in real time.

With Tachodisc’s Android App drivers simply note down the defects and take photos on their mobile device. For drivers, this makes it easy to use in all weathers and at any time of the day or night with all the notes and photos securely stored within the system for the electronic audit trail.

The App has been designed to make it simple to use, but the clever technology is in the system’s back office functionality.

Integral to the back office consolidation is a traffic light system where operators can instantly see if a walk around check has been done that day, at what time and how long it has taken. At a glance it will also identify and flag up outstanding vehicle faults. 

All information feeds into the management reporting system, providing comprehensive vehicle and driver information and meaningful trend analysis. Full utilisation of this data can also help with the commercial side of managing vehicle maintenance.

As a further option, the Vehicle Walk Around Check App can also be integrated with Tachodisc’s analysis software solution for enhanced data analysis.

To find out more about Tachodisc’s Vehicle Walk Around Check App, which is available now from as little as 20p per week per driver, please telephone 01925 283328, email or visit

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