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Inotec Diotough RFID labels survive ‘Extreme wash chamber’

A major UK retailer recently challenged inotec to demonstrate just how durable their Diotough Barcode and RFID labels really were.


Inotec are known throughout Europe for their durable Auto ID labelling solutions, however this particular retailer wanted to know if an inotec adhesive label, could really survive on a crate being washed every week, for 10 years!

At their laboratory in Germany, Inotec devised an ‘Extreme’ wash test Cycle:

1. The inotag Diotough HPV adhesive labels from inotec were placed in a freezer at -40C for 24 hours

2. They were then put in an oven at +100C for a further 24 hours

3. They were then washed – 2 passes with a Karcher wash head per cycle – 75 times (150 passes / water at 80 degrees C / Pressure at 50 bar)

To meet the customers challenge:  ‘washing every week for 10 years’ – 520 wash passes were needed.

The technicians at inotec ran the full cycle test, including the Freezer and Oven process – 10 times – an incredible 750 washes (1500 passes under the wash head). This would represent a high temperature, high pressure wash, every week – for over 14 years.

After the whole process – there was no damage to the labels and no deterioration to the performance of the RFID tag embedded inside.

This particular label was fitted with a UHF Gen2 RFID antenna – but the label construction can be produced with High Frequency inlays or barcodes to any spec.

This particular project was for a large UK retailer who wanted to RFID enable their existing and future Tote and Crate pool – which meant an adhesive RFID label solution for retro fitting.

The tests were carried out at our Research and Development laboratory in Neumunster Germany – where we have freezers that can chill down to -85 degrees C, High temperature Ovens, sophisticated UV light and weathering machines, the Karcher wash chamber, and even a centrifuge that can reach 6000G.

David Stocker Sales Director for inotec UK said, “ We manufacture the most durable barcode and RFID label solutions in Europe. All of our labels are already tested in our laboratory for resistance to acids, oils, temperature and abraision, UV light and weathering, but when a customer comes to us with a specific requirement, our technical team relishes the challenge.

We currently supply barcode and RFID identification, as adhesive or inmould labels to most of the largest pooling projects in Europe.

This latest test of the inotag Diomaster RFID label, shows that RFID technology is neither fragile – or difficult to retro fit effectively to existing tote and crate pools.

There are huge advantages to be gained in the supply chain with the deployment of barcode and RFID. Having durable and robust labelling solutions to support that will be key to the growth of this technology in the future.”

Test parameters high pressure wash test:

Temperature: 80°C

Pressure: 50 bar

Cycles: 75 (150 movements over the label)

Test duration: approx. 13.5 minutes

Process speed: 80 mm/s

Nozzle type: Kärcher 25°

Nozzle distance: approx. 40 mm

After each wash test the samples were exposed to temperature fluctuations as above mentioned (-40°C for at least 24 hours/room temperature for one hour/+100°C for at least 24 hours/room temperature).

After each cycle the inlay’s theoretical reading range was measured.

The described cycle (washing/ freezing/heating) was repeated 10 times.


After cycle 6 to 10 there were no changes of the material or damages on the samples visible. All the inlays remained fully operational.

Result after 10 cycles:

High pressure wash test (on the whole 1500 movements over the label):

No damage to the labels – all inlays tested remained fully operational.

• inotec Barcode Security are the market leader in Europe for durable barcode and RFID automatic identification.

• We have been producing high quality Auto ID labelling since 1978.

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