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Investment in an optimal warehouse and logistics operation can deliver

Martin Styler, Sales Director at Ambassador Antalis shares his views on how investment in an optimal warehouse and logistics operation can deliver in more ways than one.


Secondary packaging and transportation has always been seen as a necessary evil rather than a key aspect of a product’s lifecycle. Typically, the main focus is on the product itself, with the biggest investment going into the design of the product and its point of sale packaging, while the less glamorous storage and distribution side of the supply chain is all too often just an afterthought. Whilst there is a great deal riding on the back of a good quality product with its attractive primary packaging, warehousing and logistics are an absolutely fundamental part of a product’s overall supply chain and, without the right packaging, containment, storage and transportation processes in place, these products won’t reach their final destination in ‘as made’ condition.

Running an inefficient warehousing and logistics operation will cost you dearly in terms of time and money. So making the right investment in the best products and equipment to minimise packaging waste, provide adequate protection and ensure loads are safely and securely contained, is essential.

However inexpensive one individual item might be, by the time it is palletised, the load takes on a significantly higher value. Should this load become damaged or ‘shift’ during storage or transit, the whole pallet will be rejected, with costly repercussions. And, with a move towards greater automation, even the slightest movement of a load can be detected and the pallet frequently rejected.

Advances in equipment and packaging solutions have given warehousing and logistics operators the opportunities to maximise efficiencies while minimising costs and wastage. Our new high performance FiberFilm stretch wrapping film, with its unique integrated polyethylene banding delivers materials savings in excess of 40% compared to traditional stretch film. In addition, its unique structure is virtually tear resistant for greater product protection and achieves a much higher level of containment, providing excellent load integrity.

Cost savings, and indeed increased safety can also be delivered by migrating many manual tasks to automatic or semi-automated solutions. Our Lantech range of semi and fully automated stretch wrapping systems offer the lowest cost of wrapping loads while providing maximum load containment and efficiency. Furthermore, they can extend the yield of the stretch film by up to 3 times, which offers significant cost savings for high volume users.

With so much product development in recent years, and a wealth of innovative solutions offering excellent cost/performance and environmental benefits, choosing the right product can be a daunting prospect. However, by working with a packaging solutions provider like Ambassador Antalis, that can assist you to audit your operations and advise on the best solutions for your packaging and containment needs, there are significant savings to be made while introducing optimum efficiencies throughout your tertiary packaging processes.

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