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How much could ten minutes cost you?

Van users have been asked how much they would spend, to save ten minutes. “We all know that time is money,” said Steve Clarke, group marketing manager for The Fuel Card Group, “but sometimes saving a few minutes is not worth the long term cost. Just ask anyone who has been caught employing an unlicensed driver.”


The courts have imposed fines in the high hundreds of pounds during recent weeks, but this leniency has typically been in reaction to a ‘Guilty’ plea and a lack of aggravating factors. An employer would have no grounds for optimism if an unlicensed driver were held responsible for an accident. “These days, there is no excuse for not checking all employees’ licences,” said Steve Clarke. “DVLA checking is so fast and simple that it should be standard practice not just at time of hiring, but at regular intervals throughout employment.”

He acknowledged that anyone running vans would carry out a visual check of documentation as part of a hiring process, but highlighted an inherent challenge in the system. “After that initial check, the employer will only become aware of any changes to the licence if the driver chooses to notify them. Whenever a driver is found to be driving illegally, it always comes as a surprise to the employer.”

Steve Clarke admits that he has a vested interest: MileageCount, the leading fleet management software from The Fuel Card Group, is offered with full DVLA checking of driving licences, MOT, tax and insurance. “It makes no difference if the driver is self-employed and using his own vehicle,” he reminded employers, “you could be held at least partly liable.”

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