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Demand for used trucks still rising

  • 16 May 2014
  • By Kevin Swallow

Used truck demand will continue to ramp up through the year, as operators get to grips with factoring the cost of Euro-6 technology into their businesses.

Speaking at the CV Show, MAN head of strategic business unit Rael Winetroube (pictured) said this year will be all about realising the price of Euro-6 vehicles. “There is a lot of cost for Euro-6 to be absorbed. One way to mitigate that additional cost is to buy a late-year used truck,” he said.

With new sales of heavy CVs likely to drop to 36,000 units this year, MAN has fielded significant interest from operators who wouldn’t normally source from the used market.

He said price is not the issue, it’s availability. “The message from us is that every single truck from us, from a six-month-old truck to one that is 54 months, will go through the same process,” he said.

Winetroube also stated that Chinese truck manufacturers moving into Africa could affect exports into the continent from the UK. While the market remains strong and viable,

He believed that new and affordable Chinese-built trucks could change the buying habits of operators.

“The ramifications for the UK market could be that we have no major outlet for our older trucks; we would have to run trucks for longer and that could reduce new sales,” he suggested. “Or it could be that a truck has one life here and then it is scrapped.”


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