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TCs hope to ‘streamline’ processes to get non-compliant operators off the road sooner

  • 15 May 2014
  • By Ashleigh Wight

Western traffic commissioner (TC) Sarah Bell (pictured) has said the TCs hope to streamline the process between a DVSA examiner visiting an operator’s premises in a targeted check, and bringing them to a public inquiry.

Speaking at yesterday’s Microlise Transport Conference in Coventry, TC Bell told delegates that the TCs are this year working with the DVSA on strategies to get non-compliant operators off the road quickly by reducing the amount of time and steps needed before going to a PI. They also want to work more closely with the DVSA.

“The current process takes a lot of time,” said the TC. “We need smarter ways of communicating [with the DVSA].”

She said the traffic commissioners are considering a system where, for less serious offences, they will take a “more informal” look at operators by inviting them to bring their paperwork to a meeting at a DVSA remote enforcement office, for example.

Speaking at the same conference, DVSA chief executive Alastair Peoples said the DVSA will be stepping up its targeted enforcement activity this year, especially as the HGV Road User Levy is now in place.

He also assured hauliers that there will be “no u-turns” on what Vosa and the DSA were doing in terms of enforcement before the merger.

The newly-formed agency also hopes to develop a more robust method to ensure van operators are compliant. Vosa last year issued a free best practice guide for van operators.


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