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Pallet Repair Systems explained

By John Andrew Shawyer, director, Associated Pallets Limited.

Pallet repair systems can be beneficial on a number of levels. Second hand wooden pallets can still have plenty of operational life and be picked up for next to nothing. Pallets that have been previously used by your own business can often also be reused a number of times without problems.

However, used wooden pallets will sometimes have damage which is essentially minor yet sufficient to render the pallet unusable without repair. Similar problems are likely to appear sooner or later with pallets used repeatedly within your business. This does not necessarily mean that the pallet is now useless. Often it can be quickly and simply repaired, and then restored to operational life for a long time to come.

Automated Pallet Repair Systems

Pallets are often relatively simple to repair manually, but this can be labour-intensive when large numbers are involved. This is why automated pallet repair systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses that utilise large volumes of wooden pallets and want to minimise the costs associated with them.

Automated pallet repair systems are machines that are essentially similar to an automated assembly line. They are able to handle the processing and repair of pallets in a way that is almost entirely automatic. They require very little human intervention, meaning that costs and labour requirements are kept to a minimum while efficiency is maximised. Using a system of this type is an excellent way to process large volumes of damaged pallets and restore them to useful life.

This approach is suitable for ongoing repair and maintenance of pallets in use by your business. It also expands the viability of purchasing second hand wooden pallets. Most damaged pallets in a second-hand consignment can be subjected to the same automated repair system and quickly made usable for very little cost.

Recycling Pallets

More seriously damaged pallets may not be repaired and made usable so easily. However, this does not mean that they are now completely useless and should be disposed of. Many individual parts will still be usable, and dismantling the pallet will allow those parts to be recycled and combined with parts from other damaged pallets in order to make a new pallet.

Once again, automated systems exist to enable this to be carried out cheaply and efficiently, with very little human labour involved. Automated pallet dismantlers will reduce a pallet to its component parts very quickly and in a way that is almost entirely automated. Un-stubbers will ensure that every nail and other metal part is effectively removed from each individual piece of wood, rendering them safe to handle and ready for re-use in the construction of a new pallet. This approach is also good for the environment, as it will reduce the amount of waste that may end up in landfill.

Author Biography: John Andrew Shawyer has been a director at Associated Pallets Limited since 1993. John specilises in all types of pallets and pallets distribution.

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