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Load restraint guidance, not system, approved by DVSA

  • 07 May 2014
  • By Robin Meczes

The DVSA has told it has not given its approval to the load restraint system developed recently for the upper deck of curtainsided double-deck trailers by an Road Haulage Association-led working group in conjunction with Montracon.

Announcing new guidance in late April on the retention of palletised goods on the upper deck of double-deck curtainsiders, the RHA said its DVSA-approved guidance notes proposed the use of the internal curtain-and-strap design developed with the trailer manufacturer.

The guidance document, however, makes no specific mention of the Montracon system and the DVSA has now confirmed that its approval was for the guidance itself, not the restraint system.

A spokesman for the agency stressed it did not endorse any particular design and had no role in the production of this particular product.

RHA head of technical services Ray Engley, who led the working group that co-developed the new design, however, insisted the DVSA and other bodies had all approved it.

“I took the time to go with the DVSA and HSE and HSL at the Commercial Vehicle Show to look at the Montracon trailer, and they confirmed their acceptance of it,” he said.

The DVSA spokesman also pointed out that while it did endorse the RHA’s new guidance, the guidance didn’t contain any additional restrictions or rules, the rules applying to load retention had not changed, and there were no plans to change them.

“The RHA guidance complements both the DfT code of practice and the EU best practice guide on load security, and aims to help operators and drivers comply with the relevant legislation,” he said.

“It is the responsibility of the driver and the operator to ensure they comply with the law. There are no plans to change the current rules, but DVSA is taking a more proactive approach to enforcing load security,” he added.


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