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AdBlue use to treble as Euro-6 penetrates

  • 05 May 2014
  • By David Wilcox

AdBlue consumption in Europe is set to treble in the next decade as the number of Euro-6 trucks and buses ramps up.

London-based business forecasting company Integer said annual European consumption of AdBlue, which is just over two billion litres, will rise to 6.3 billion litres by 2025. Much of that will come from the rising penetration of Euro-6 trucks and buses, all of which must use AdBlue, coupled with the phasing out of older CVs that need none.

Euro-6 also kicks in for cars and vans registered from 1 September 2015 and, according to Integer’s report, most of them will also have SCR systems to reduce NOx.

AdBlue use is set to become widespread in agricultural and construction sectors too, with implementation of European Stage IV non-road mobile machinery emissions limits to be phased in up to 30 September this year.

Despite the huge number of new SCR-equipped cars that will come to market, their low annual mileages and modest consumption rate means their effect on the AdBlue market will be modest. Integer calculates that trucks and buses will continue to account for the lion’s share of AdBlue consumption, taking 3.5 billion litres of Europe’s 2025 total.

The trebling in size of the AdBlue market should not mean radical change in the bulk price of the fluid, according to Chris Haynes, UK MD of AdBlue supplier GreenChem Solutions.

“Only about 5% of the world’s total urea production goes into AdBlue, so even a big increase in consumption would not have a huge effect on urea prices,” said Haynes. “A lot of the cost in AdBlue is related to its logistics costs, not just the urea in it,” he added.


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