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Automatic suspension for mobile use on cards

  • 02 May 2014
  • By Chris Tindall

Traffic commissioners (TCs) are pushing for a change in the rules that would mean HGV drivers caught using mobile phones at the wheel would have their licences automatically suspended for three weeks.

Discussions are taking place between the DVLA and the Office of the TC about whether TCs should be routinely notified when vocational drivers receive penalty points in certain circumstances. understands the proposals include the DVLA writing to a driver when they are caught using a mobile phone at the wheel of either a private or CV, informing them that a second offence will result in the Office of the TC being notified and the driver appearing before the TC.

But industry sources claim that the TCs want to go further and automatically suspend a licence for 21 days at the first offence, and for 42 on the second, if the offence was committed in an HGV. It is also understood that TCs want a separate offence created for using a mobile phone in a lorry, and the driver called before a TC at the first offence.

Currently, the Office of the TC is informed by DVLA when a driver with at least nine penalty points attempts to renew his vocational driving licence or regain it following disqualification.

An Office of the TC spokesman said vocational driver cases are already automatically referred to the TCs for endorsable offences, as well as in other circumstances.

He said: “Improvements to these referrals are being considered but this is an on-going piece of work. TCs expect the enhancements to enable better targeting of the serially and seriously non-compliant drivers of HGVs and PSVs, and will inform the industry when the review has been completed.”

A DVLA spokeswoman said it was “reviewing certain road traffic offences”, but that no decision had been made.


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